DCE is fully equipped digital lab that offers end to end post-production services – all under one roof!


2.1. Editing and graphics
2. Editing 600x800

Our editors can deal with all the editorial challenges, no matter how demanding they are.

In addition, with wide range of effects and filters, as well as motion tracking and rotoscoping, DCE provides 2D and 3D animation content for any type of application, including commercials, title sequences, documentaries, feature movies and many more.

Our systems deliver powerful and precise editing tools that work with a wide range of formats in the same sequence, such as fully uncompressed HD or Red 6K RAW.

We are equipped with Adobe Production Premium suite CC, Red Giant (Effect Suite, Color Suite, Trap code Suite), Waves plugins etc. All of our suites are networked so assignments can be shared between Editing and Graphics as well.