DCE is fully equipped digital lab that offers end to end post-production services – all under one roof!


4.1. Compositing and vfx
4.2 Compositing and vfx
4.3. Compositing and vfx

ixing, adjusting or adding a high impact effect to a footage, DCE has a solution for it.

Services we offer in our compositing and VFX department:

  • Compositing visual effects
  • Combining multiple plates (cg or live action) into one seamless shot
  • Live action footage integration with CG renders (After Effects, Fusion)
  • 2D / 3D tracking – creating 3D tracks of the on-set camera movement
  • Matte extraction and keying (Primatte keyer, keylight)
  • Camera projections for set extensions, adding elements, or removing them from shots
  • Realistic 3D renders, particles and fluids simulations