Written and directed by: Mario Mlakar
Cast: Domagoj Janković
Director of Photography: Dragan Šiša 
Color grade: DCE
Vfx: Dražen Zeljkovic
Music by: Mark Mrakovčić
Editor: Marko Ferković
Sound Designer: Tihomir Vrbanec

Executive producers: Kacper Sawicki, Paweł Bondarowicz
Creative producers: Karola Kowalczyk, Maruška Đukić


A weary man named Dao wakes up from a nightmare where something was chasing him. He asks his goldfish to grant him a wish – to be able to talk to his tomorrow self. Next night he decides to do as the goldfish said, but his call is abruptly cancelled. While renewing credits, the phone rings. The voice from the other side asks a familiar question. As Dao bikes further down the night on Ilica street, the conversation becomes confrontational and in a moment of lost attention, he flies brakeless into the crossroads… We see a shadow of the person which made the call standing over a shed, the same bike is here, in tact. Dao is reborn.