Front Page Midgets

A film of excesses and vices, in which Belgrade is the perpetual muse for Nikola (Gordan Kicic), a producer seeking out ever more sensational shows, and ever younger women. In this consciously kitschy Belgrade, everyone is an actor and everything a potential scenario ripe for Nikola’s exploitation. With cocaine flowing freely, it becomes increasingly difficult for Nikola to distinguish between the reality he has created and what is left beyond it. A broad Balkans satire about the reality TV zeitgeist, Milorad Milinkovic’s comedy plays with the narrative strategies and formatting of the medium to create a treacherously fluid sense of what constitutes reality. It is also a keen comic character study of a cynical media hack, whose world is beginning to resemble the programmes he produces. Borrowing liberally from Hollywood portraits of delusion and excess such as THE WOLF OF WALL STREET or SCARFACE, FRONT PAGE MIDGETS is a trawl through the shallow end of a culture in the throes of consuming itself.

Color grading Zagreb, DCE studio

Davinci Resolve 4K